Reserva Montoya

Maldonado, Uruguay

Reserva Montoya is a place where you can rediscover nature, time and calm. An open architecture that values ​​the discovered landscape and its essential characteristics.

A system with multiple combinations brings industrialized pieces into play, enabling a diverse set of open, closed, covered, uncovered, contained and dispersed spaces.

A large 36 x 21 meter laminated wood pergola frames the Laguna Blanca on the horizon and seeks a vertical counterpoint with the pine and eucalyptus forest while providing protection to various spaces: interiors that turn to the surrounding environment and exteriors with gardens of native flora that are activated by wooden platforms equipped for outdoor activities.

This plane rests on pillars made up of discarded elements from the precast concrete industry — particularly irregular cubes of approximately 80 centimeters on a side— which, stacked in a primitive way, take on new life as sculptures that articulate and give the space its identity. The use of residual materials, together with a search for optimizing the building processes and minimizing the impact on the landscape, reveals an updated way to look at the construction in the 21st century.

This main building houses a restaurant, a gym and a solarium. Two other isolated constructions defined with the same project logics support other complementary uses: a pergola access to receive the residents and visitors to the neighborhood and a support space for the sports activities sector.

At Reserva Montoya, architecture is a responsible and charismatic support for future experiences.

★ Featured Mention in the Equipment and Infrastructure category, Contest for Completed Works SAU 2023
★ Selection at Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize, IIT, Chicago, USA

Authors: Luciano Andrades, Matías Carballal, Andrés Gobba, Mauricio López, Silvio Machado

Project Team: Pablo Courreges, Emiliano Lago, Flavio Faggion, Fabián Sarubbi, Martina Pedreira, Agustín Dieste, Sandra Rodríguez, Emilia Dehl, Sebastián Lambert, Diamela Meyer, Alejandro Cuadro, Victoria Muniz, Diego Morera, Amanda Cappelatti, Agustina Vigevani, Constanza Manzochi, Daniela Moro, Eduardo Kopittke, Fernanda Dihl, Helena Utzig, Juliana Colombo, Lucas Marques, Lucía Martinotti, Ma. Eduarda Cavassola, Mateus Grandini, Mauricio Müller, Pedro Brandelli, Pedro Reichelt, Pierina Nervi, Romina Mangini

Photography: Leonardo Finotti ©
Construction Photography: Javier Agustín Rojas ©, Aldo Lanzi ©
Landscape Project: Estudio Bulla
Lightning Project: Arturo Peruzzotti Arquitectos
Interiors Project: Joanne Cattarossi Estudio
Civil Engineering Structural Project: RDA Ingeniería
Wood Structural Project: Carpinteria Estruturas
Plumbing Project : SanitCAD
Electric, Data and Fire Prevention Projects: Estudio Barbot Rocha
Thermal Project: Ing. L. Lagomarsino & Asociados
Civil Construction: Pumar Construcciones
Dry Construction: The House Building
Wood Structure Assembly: ENKEL Group
Prefab wood pieces: CROSSLAM
Reused concrete: Astori
Openings: ALUshop
Wooden Deck: Maguinor Maderas
Pool: Pumar Construcciones + Mileto