Prefab processes

The large prefab wooden pergola of Reserva Montoya rests on pillars made up of discarded elements from the precast concrete industry, which, stacked in a primitive manner, articulate the space and breathe life into it.

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We operate from a «state of readiness» to think and produce architectures from a conscious industrialization of its processes.

Florida Building was conceived as a system of parts to be assembled: its prefab steel structure, consisting of 140 pillars, 1,050 beams and over 30,000 articulators, screws, and bolts, was assembled in three months.

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Cabras House was born in a CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber) wood factory to be transported 150km to its assembly in the landscapes of the São Paulo mountains.

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Prefabrication is no longer synonymous with repetition. It is a responsible and sensitive way of seeking appropriate responses for each geographical, technological and cultural context.

Six prefabricated concrete slabs rest on two side walls also built in the factory. This set of components, simple in their construction, arrangement, and assembly, defines the spaces and character of the Lagos House.

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The construction of Retreat in the Delta was strongly conditioned by its distance from the city´s production facilities. Therefore, it was conceived as a prefab structure made of laminated reforested wood pieces capable of being transported in small boats.

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